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The Arts @ Davidson: Stewy Robertson ’15 paints new mural

Studio Art major Stewy Robertson ’15 paints a new mural in the Knobloch Campus Center during Fall Break. The  project was made possible by a Davidson Friends of the Arts Spike! Grant.




The Stapleton-Davidson Internship: Erica Garvin ’15

This past summer I was an intern at the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte through the Chaplain’s office and the Stapleton-Davidson internship. This was by far the most fun and meaningful summer I’ve had as a Davidson student. The Urban Ministry Center is a non-profit in Charlotte that is a day service center for people experiencing homelessness. They serve lunch every single day of the year and have other basic services such as laundry, showers, mail and telephones. It was not a typical internship, but it lined up perfectly with my interests as a Political Science major and Religion minor in social policy. Working directly with people who are affected by political decisions for their basic needs made me realize both the importance of public policy and the importance of knowing what its effects really are. In addition to working full time at a non-profit in Charlotte, the five Stapleton-Davidson interns, who are all placed at different non-profits in Charlotte, have weekly discussions about poverty in Charlotte. This is a great way to get to know about the city and social justice and to get to know people you may never have met at Davidson.

Written by Erica Garvin ’15

Learn more about internship and fellowship opportunities through the Davidson Chaplain’s Office here.

The Arts @ Davidson: Jazz Ensemble

There are many opportunities to perform jazz music at Davidson, including a “big band” ensemble, jazz combo, and performance opportunities for jazz vocalists.  This video highlights a recent performance of “Does This Chart Make Me Look Phat?”, directed by Dr. Bill Lawing.

Want to learn more about music at Davidson?  Check out our website.

Study Abroad: Martel Campbell ’15

During the spring semester of 2014, I left the country for the first time, destined to spend the next 3.5 months of my life in a foreign country where I could only speak two words of the native language. I would be studying in Rome, Italy through a Temple University program and the only two words of Italian I knew were “Ciao” and “Buongiorno.” To say I was brave to go to Italy without being able to speak Italian and all by myself (I was the only Davidson student in the program) might be a bit of an understatement. After 10 hours worth of travel delays, almost losing my life in a cab ride from the airport, and the airline losing my luggage, I said to myself, “What were you thinking!? And why did my parents let me do this? Don’t they love me?” Fortunately, after all was said and done, it was actually one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

One of the best parts about studying abroad was the unique course selection that contained many courses not offered at Davidson. My favorite course was “High Renaissance Art in Italy.” And while I’ve never been particularly interested in fine arts, having a class lecture about the architecture of the Roman Coliseum while sitting in front of the Coliseum is a much more interesting experience than sitting in a classroom in Chambers. Throughout the course, we had weekly site visits to historic sites around Rome, as well as a class field trip to Florence, Italy.

Another great part of studying abroad was being able to travel. Given that I was studying in Italy, the rest of Europe was very easily and affordably accessible. I didn’t have class on Fridays, so every weekend it was possible to venture off for a long weekend in a different city or country. I was able to travel to 6 different countries during my time abroad!

If you have the slightest interest in studying abroad, I would definitely recommend doing it. It is genuinely a once in a lifetime opportunity that should be taken advantage of.

Written by Martel Campbell ’15

Faculty Presentation: Dr. Susan Roberts on Mid-term Elections

Dr. Susan Roberts, Associate Professor of Political Science, discusses mid-term elections and the role of negative advertising.

Safe Space

LGBTQ+ @ Davidson

Host: Allen Rigby, Admission Counselor

Special Guests:
Rebecca Taylor ’06, Assistant Dean of Student Life
Adam Hunter ’15
Eleanor Yarboro ’17


  • What are the resources and organizations available to LGBTQ+ students and allies at Davidson?
  • What is the campus climate surrounding queer issues?
  • If you have questions or would like to speak to a current student, email LGBTQ@davidson.edu.

Projects for Peace

Host: Justin Hua

Special Guests:
George Mukosera ’15
Kaye-Lani Laughna, International Admission Officer


  • What are Projects for Peace?
  • How does Mukosera ’15 develop his proposal? What are some details of his project and how does he plan to communicate about it and make it a sustainable effort?
  • How does a student learn more about this $10,000 grant?

My Davidson Moment: Nicky Coutinho ’14

Nicky Coutinho ’14 shares his “Davidson Moment” — visiting Davidson unannounced after receiving his acceptance in order to experience a slice of college life and realizing a gut feeling that Davidson was his future home.

“My Davidson Moment” is a collection of short recordings, snapshots of an individual’s time at Davidson. Collectively, these snapshots aim to showcase the larger Davidson experience.

My Davidson Moment: Nyelle Barley ’14

Nyelle Barley ’14 shares her “Davidson Moment” — a serendipitous encounter with a Davidson alumnus at a bus station in NY prior to Nyelle’s enrollment into Davidson.

“My Davidson Moment” is a collection of short recordings, snapshots of an individual’s time at Davidson. Collectively, these snapshots aim to showcase the larger Davidson experience.

My Davidson Moment: Lauryn Bradley ’14

Lauryn Bradley ’14 shares her “Davidson Moment” — studying abroad in Salvador, Brazil and conducting research with an HIV clinic at a state-funded health agency.

“My Davidson Moment” is a collection of short recordings, snapshots of an individual’s time at Davidson. Collectively, these snapshots aim to showcase the larger Davidson experience.

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