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Research at Davidson: Jon Springfield

Host: Katie Randa

Special Guests
Jon Springfield ’11
Keyne Cheshire, Associate Professor of Classics


  • Jon has collaborated with Dr. Keyne Cheshire to produce a musical interpretation of Sophocles’ tragedy, Women of Trachis, transposed to a contemporary, Western setting.  After Cheshire translated the lyrics from the original Greek, Jon composed folk music that re-imagines the emotions of Sophocles’ narrative arc, making the work more accessible to a modern audience.  The project recognizes the central importance of performance in Greek literature and the timeless relevance of its tragedy as it relates to the universal human experience.”
  • In addition to the live segment of Jon and Keyne’s work, listen to “Let Him Come,” a recorded track from this summer.

Research at Davidson: Jon Springfield

“Let Him Come,” Jon Springfield