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Video: Meet the Student Government Association

Leaders from the  Davidson College SGA reflect on their own involvement, favorite SGA initiatives, and offer advice to prospective students. Featuring: President, Chris Ragsdale ’14, Vice President, Nick McGuire ’14 and Senators, Emily Rapport ’16, Zi Yang ’16, and Summer Abiad ’17.

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A Year in Review with Gerard Dash

Gerard Dash, the outgoing Student Government Association President, discusses the past year in SGA.

Host: Katie Randa

Special Guest
Gerard Dash ’12


  • Three main themes: Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Accessibility initiatives: Buses to Charlotte, new car sharing program, Safe Ride Van, Walmart Wednesdays
  • Primary Diversity and Inclusion initiative was the “The Big Talk”, co-sponsored with Patterson Court Council
  • What is Gerard proud of? What was his favorite SGA sponsored event?
  • Commitment to Dinner at Davidson and the Davidson Trust
  • Which initiatives did the Dash administration start which will grow next year?
  • Interact with the SGA on Facebook and Twitter, and learn how to become involved in the SGA.

A Year in Review with Gerard Dash