What is Pod’cats?

Twice every week, we’ll publish a brand new podcast or blog post that will bring you a step closer to understanding the Davidson experience  – courtesy of the very people who craft and participate in it.

Over the course of the series, we’ll explore a range of topics with students, staff, and faculty from all corners of campus. We’ll be sure to touch on academic and co-curricular opportunities at Davidson, the impact of the Honor Code on the college community, study abroad, arts and culture, not to mention the how and when of visiting, applying, and making a college decision.

For suggestions of future topics and for questions or feedback regarding this series, email us.

One thought on “What is Pod’cats?

  1. My son is applying for the class of 2018 (Grant Harrison Wagener), and although I’ve visited the campus, I am not clear on what the parent involvement opportunities are at Davidson. I’d like a Pod’Cats on Parent/Family involvement opportunities at the school.

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